Huge Heart Graffiti Drawn on Chinatown’s Agency Rooftop

A large heart graffiti showed up overnight on the rooftop of the CCBA in Chinatown. (Photo via the Sing Tao Daily)

Teenage trespassers painted a huge graffiti of a red heart on the rooftop of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association building in Chinatown, the Sing Tao Daily  (East USA Edition) reported. The article was translated from Chinese.

A large red heart graffiti  impressively showed up on the rooftop of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) overnight.  The agency was shocked and believes it helps explain why two black fabrics appeared on the same rooftop the week before.

The surveillance cameras showed the graffiti was sprayed by a group of teenagers who illegally invaded the rooftop of the adjacent building.  The heart had the words “art” and “creative” painted inside and was signed with a ghost symbol and the date “September 20.”

The suspicion was that the graffiti vandals got into the building next door, then used the black fabrics to help them reach the CCBA rooftop.

The youth who did this, should know that it’s unwise to use a roof to express their love or to hope that taking such extreme measures to do something unconventional would make sense.  The CCBA, the oldest service organization in Chinatown, reported the incident to the 5th Precinct.

Early in the morning of Sept. 17, when CCBA staff  went up to patrol the rooftop, they found two black long pieces of fabric hanging from the edge of the CCBA roof.
Some people believe that the black fabrics are related to the recent Hong Kong protest about Mainland China’s push for a national education curriculum and the territorial dispute over the Diaoyu Islands that has led to demonstrations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

The black fabrics appeared a week before the graffiti was painted. (Photo via the Sing Tao Daily)

A resident at the Confucius Plaza Apartments said that the night the two black clothes appeared, a group of teenagers gathered on the rooftop next to the CCBA building. Unfortunately, due to the darkness and the distance, the person could not see what they were doing.

The investigation also found that the CCBA’s rooftop door alarm was damaged. The surveillance camera showed a group of teenager illegally accessed the CCBA roof through the building next to it.

Recently, a lot of graffiti has been appearing in Chinatown, worrying and raising concerns among long-time residents. Police said the unauthorized use of graffiti spray paint is a class D felony punishable by imprisonment. Businesses who sell unauthorized graffiti spray paint to minors under the age of 18, face a maximum fine of $500.

Police said anyone who sees someone spraying graffiti illegally should call 911 immediately.  People who have information about possible suspects on the CCBA case, should call 311. The maximum reward for assisting the NYPD solve this case is $500.

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