Immigrant’s Success Comes at a Price

Like so many children of immigrant parents, Katherine Tabares, 17, has found opportunities in the U.S. she wouldn’t have had back home.

A first-generation immigrant from Colombia, she is the first person in her family to attend college. She is a freshman at LaGuardia Community College and graduated from the International High School at LaGuardia at the top of her class. In her free time, she volunteers with Make the Road New York, an immigrant advocacy group in Queens.

But for Tabares to be where she is, the family has had to make many sacrifices. Her mom works weeknights and weekends and her dad moved back to Colombia after he was unable to find steady work in New York.


  1. Katharine A Tabares is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT who overstayed her VISA from COLOMBIA with her MOTHER, 3 years ago. Her mother is WORKING ILLEGALLY in NYC.
    Katharine has cost the TAXPAYERS of NY 12K a year in education costs. Why has ICE not removed Katharine and her mother?

    She should be forbidden from AMNESTY and she is not DACA eligible. Is it that the Democrats are running out the clock for Katherine?

  2. I notice that Katherine doesn’t admit that what she and her mom did was wrong. They are ILLEGAL. To make matters worse both the illegal mom and the the illegal dad were WORKING ILLEGALLY.

    Katherine doesn’t ever mention that American taxpayers paid 12K a year to educate this COLOMBIAN NATIONAL.

    • Maria cruz says:

      There are immigrants with visas’ that work in hospitals, taking very high paying positions, yet you are here judging a mom who is probably working at a low wage job…yet you don’t care about the high wage positions being taken LEGALLY! ok.

  3. Shame on you for calling a human being ‘illegal’ in this supposed land of the free, with an unending history of perpetual renewal by immigrants. We are ALL immigrants. Every one of us or our forebears comes from somewhere else. And the concept of ‘legal’ immigration is very new, not part of our early history when EVERYONE would had been declared ‘illegal’ by your standard. My maternal ancestors arrived on this continent in 1632: thank god they and their descendants did not share your attitudes or YOU would not be here right now!

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