Greyhound Gets the Go for a Chinatown Bus Stop

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Two months after their controversial plan to operate a bus stop outside Seward Park was protested by residents and eventually revoked, Greyhound and its co-carrier Peter Pan have gotten approval for a stop at another location, reports

The bus company is expected to start operating the YO! buses from New York to Philadelphia in December after receiving the OK from Community Board 3 Transportation and Public Safety Committee on November 14.

The stop will now be located at the median strip on Pike Street, between Division and the Bowery. Their ticketing office will be on 98 East Broadway. They will have 14 trips daily between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The committee voted 3-0, with one abstention, for a 9-month trial period. It will go to the full board for final approval on Nov. 27.

“The permitting process was meant for already existing companies in Chinatown,” said abstaining member MyPhuong Chung. “I think we should have greater scrutiny for the company, especially when we have not fully set our guidelines yet.”

Earlier in September, the Department of Transportation called off a controversial permit that would have allowed Greyhound to operate from Essex Street outside Seward Park after residents vocally objected to it.

Greyhound representative Christian DiPalermo accepted the stipulations set by the board on the new location. These included restricting loading and unloading at the stop to a maximum of 10 minutes and issuing a numbering system to assign boarding. The board also wants the bus company to hire locally and recommended they use the LES Employment Network.

Wellington Chen, executive director of Chinatown Partnership, approved of the Pike St location. He also presented 1,700 signatures that supported Chinatown buses.

“It is a critical, critical industry for Chinatown,” he said.

“We welcome you to have friendly competition, but I want them [Chinatown buses] to survive as well,” he also added.

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