Polish Electronics Store Heads Back Home to Greenpoint

The Wizard in Ridgewood is closing and reopening in Greenpoint, where the popular Polish shop was based for 17 years. (Photo by Wojtek Maślanka via Nowy Dziennik)

Barely a year after it moved from Greenpoint to Ridgewood, the famous Wizard electronics store is closing its location at Myrtle Avenue in Queens and returning to the Polish neighborhood in Brooklyn where it had operated for 17 years.

“Ridgewood hasn’t worked out for us and we decided to return to our old location in Greenpoint,” said the store owner, Robert Paskudzki.

Wizard owner Robert Paskudzki discovered the hard way that Poles continue to shop in Greenpoint. (Photo by Bart Sadowski via Nowy Dziennik)

After not even a year of operating in Ridgewood, famously called a second Greenpoint due to the large number of Poles moving there from other neighborhoods in New York, it turned out that all the statistics and market analyses Wizard had done before leaving Greenpoint did not prove correct and the decision to migrate to a new place, sort of following the Polish-Americans, was a strategic mistake.

“Our studies had shown that a huge portion of the Polish community was moving to Ridgewood, so we decided to follow them. However, it soon appeared clear that the Polish community in Ridgewood has different habits. They view the Queens neighborhood as a place to live and prefer to shop in Greenpoint. Our loyal, long-term clients are confirming that,” Paskudzki said. In his opinion, generally the Polish-Americans who live in other neighborhoods, especially those with no Polish stores, routinely go shopping in Greenpoint, not Ridgewood or Maspeth.

“Although the Polish population in Greenpoint is shrinking, this neighborhood draws the Polish residents from Long Island, New Jersey or even more remote parts of New York, who view Greenpoint as the best place to run errands and go shopping. Greenpoint, which has become a small Polish town, will for long remain their shopping destination,” said Paskudzki.

The new Greenpoint location for Wizard hasn’t been set yet. The owner is still negotiating the lease and considering a couple of places. However, Paskudzki assures that Wizard will re-open in Greenpoint at the beginning of February. The Ridgewood store will be closed down by the end of December and is currently offering great deals and big sales.

“We want to have less work during the move and thus we are trying to get rid of as much merchandise as possible. We are offering low prices and can also further negotiate prices down. If you can bargain, you can surely get a bargain deal here,” said the Wizard’s owner, who also sells merchandise online on Amazon.com and eBay.

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