Sen. Ted Cruz NY Visit Met with Protests

Demonstrators against Sen. Ted Cruz in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel (Photo by Javier Castaño via Queens Latino).

Dozens of “dreamers” and Latino immigrants demonstrated on Wednesday against U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, who was attending a Republican Party event at Manhattan’s Grand Hyatt Hotel, El Diario-La Prensa and QueensLatino report.

Cruz, a freshman senator from Texas who is Cuban-American, was criticized for his opposition to the current immigration reform efforts, according to El Diario.

“He can’t brag about being Latino and then hit our community like that,” said Mexican dreamer Antonio Alarcón, who said he could stay in the country thanks to Obama’s Deferred Action law, but saw how his parents had to leave.

Ted Cruz at the Republican Party’s annual state dinner. (Photo by Javier Castaño via QueensLatino)

According to the article, by Juan Matossian, some “dreamers” traveled from Texas only to join the protest. The demonstrators also asked New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, a Republican, to introduce the New York Dream Act in the State legislature.

Javier Castaño of QueensLatino attended the Republican party’s annual state dinner in which Cruz was the main speaker, but noted that he never mentioned the word “immigration,” or addressed such concerns of New York voters as gun control or Superstorm Sandy recovery.

When QueensLatino asked him why he sidestepped the immigration issue, Senator Cruz said: “Immigration reform is critical and there needs to be a bipartisan consensus. I have introduced some amendments because the current reform has many problems and it won’t pass Congress as it is.”

The article says the senator opposes the current reform because “it’s an amnesty,” and wants more military presence along the Mexican border.

Senator Cruz touted former President Bush as his idol and stressed that his mother was an Irish immigrant and his father a Cuban immigrant who washed dishes, “but he went on to study in college.”

According to Castaño’s article, besides the “more than 200 protesters” against Cruz, there was a small group of Latinos who oppose immigration reform, called New Yorkers for Immigration Control Enforcement or NYICE.

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