Weiner’s TV Ad in Spanish Barely Understandable

In the same week Voices of NY reported on the questionable quality of the Spanish used in the mayoral campaign trail, Anthony Weiner came out with a new TV ad that didn’t exactly raise the bar.

In the 30-second commercial called “El Futuro” (“The Future”), Weiner’s heavily accented Spanish is barely comprehensible, starting with the opening sentence, which sounds something like:

“Algunos personas quieren que esta campaña sea el mi pasado, pero las elecciones siempre son del futuro” (“Some people want this campaign was the my past, but elections are always of the future”).

As the garbled speech goes on, even the typed text on the screen has problems. For example, “Making housing more accessible” is wrongly translated as “Hacer viviendas más accesible” (it should read “Haciendo viviendas más accesibles.”)

Weiner’s struggles with the language mirror those of the current Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose slurred Spanish even inspired the much talked-about satirical Twitter page El Bloombito.

Bill Thompson's ad

A Spanish ad for mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson (right) is narrated by former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer (center).

Another mayoral candidate, Bill Thompson, also released a commercial in Spanish this week called “Amigo/Friend.” But Thompson, who has acknowledged he doesn’t know Spanish, let former mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer do the talking.


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