Connecting Polish in Greenpoint to Their Roots

Greenpoint and Polish community leaders want to keep the ethnic character of the neighborhood intact, such as sights like these Polish toys in a store window in the Brooklyn neighborhood. (Photo by Gabrielle Sierra/Voices of NY)

Polish toys in a store window in Greenpoint (Photo by Gabrielle Sierra for Voices of NY)

When Marta Pawlaczek moved to the city from Poland over a year ago, she started volunteering at the public library in Greenpoint. In speaking to locals, namely the older ones, she got a sense of a disconnect from their Polish heritage.

She’s seeking to mitigate that divide through a six-month series of workshops, performances, shows and other activities geared toward the Polish community in the Brooklyn neighborhood, reports Greenpoint Gazette’s Tanay Warerkar.

“I don’t necessarily want this to be a political discussion,” Pawlaczek said. “This is really about being able to celebrate Polish history and create good cultural activities in the community. It’s a way for people to know Polish culture a little bit better in Greenpoint.”

The first program, an intergenerational meetup, took place last Sunday, May 4. The event planned to bring Poles together not just across generations, but particularly to connect newcomers with longtime residents of Greenpoint.

For more on Pawlaczek, as well as upcoming events for her initiative, visit Greenpoint Gazette.

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