Temporary Mosque in Former Burger King

(Photo by Rob Erichsen via Sheepshead Bites)

(Photo by Rob Erichsen via Sheepshead Bites)

A storefront location at 2481 Knapp St. in Brooklyn that had once been occupied by a Burger King has been leased by the Muslim American Society to provide a temporary place of worship during the holy month of Ramadan while a new mosque is awaiting completion, Ned Berke reports in Sheepshead Bites.

“The [Voorhies Avenue] building wasn’t going to be ready for Ramadan, and they need a facility, so they rented that place. They have a lease. They have all their paperwork. They’re only there for one month,” said Kenan Tashkent, the 61st Precinct’s liaison to the Muslim community. Tashkent met with the mosque’s congregants and leadership yesterday, and noted that the Voorhies Avenue location remains a few months away from completion.

Paper signs have been taped up in English and Arabic at the Knapp Street storefront. The interior has been carpeted, with a curtain separating prayer spaces for men and women, as is tradition.

“They were very nice, very cooperative. They told me everything. They’ve got all of their paperwork and they don’t need to disturb the neighborhood or anything. It’s their holiday,” he added.

There is a large community of Muslims in the Kings Bay and Plumb Beach areas, and near Voorhies Avenue, and community members have long had to travel great distances to worship.

After raising funds, they submitted plans to construct an Islamic community center at 2812 Voorhies Avenue in 2009 – a proposal that saw vehement, and sometimes racially motivated, opposition from neighbors. After court battles, they won permission from the city to move forward and it has been under construction ever since.

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