Philippine Nature Becomes Art in NY

Artist Katte Geneta in her studio in NYC. (Photo via The FilAm)

Artist Katte Geneta in her studio in NYC. (Photo via The FilAm)

Volcanic ash from the Philippines is on display at the Governors Island Art Fair as part of the artwork of Katte Geneta. The fair, which runs on weekends in September, is billed as the “largest independent exhibition.”

A story in The FilAm goes into the artist’s Filipino roots and how nature in her parents’ native country has influenced her pieces.

The Queens-born Katte uses Philippine volcanic ash and lahar with simple white chalks to create drawings of the cosmos, skies, and oceans. Inspired by the Philippines’ mountain views and seascapes, she transports natural materials into her artwork.

Why does she use volcanic ash in her work?

“I wanted to use a material that was specifically from the Philippines to bring attention to that part of the world,” she said. She wanted to draw attention to the country’s unrivaled beauty and its precarious relationship with nature because of the frequent natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoons, earthquakes and landslides.

Geneta isn’t the only artist in her family. Read about their skills in the full article at The FilAm, which has more on Geneta and images of her work.

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