‘Invisible No More’ and Eleven-Inch Heels

The Caribbean identity, and the prospect for Caribbean self-identification on the next U.S. Census, was the subject of an interview by Garry Pierre-Pierre with Felicia Persaud, founder of Caribbean ID, in this episode of CUNY TV’s “Independent Sources.” Tune in at 1:45 on the video to hear Persaud explain how the recommendations for new categories will help the Caribbean community be “invisible no more.”

Then check out the art assemblages by Wilhelmina Obatola Grant, an artist and cancer survivor who uses her art to bring attention to the disease (11:07).

Ngima Pakhrin, founder of the Everest Times, talks about New York’s Nepalese community with Pierre-Pierre and about the forthcoming Nepalese Film Festival (17:55).

Finally, take a look at cobbler John Ashford’s one-of-a-kind creations for women. They’re “wow factor” shoes, the designer says, and as long as they’re walkable – debatable when it comes to the 11-inch heels – the designs can be “out there,” says Ashford (23:55).

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