A Look at What Might Replace Horse-Drawn Carriages

Substitute for a horse-drawn carriage? Council member Fernando Cabrera promotes the e-carriage (Photo by Catharina Thuemling via Norwood News)

Substitute for a horse-drawn carriage? Council member Fernando Cabrera promotes the e-carriage. (Photo by Catharina Thuemling via Norwood News)

It’s been some months since the controversy over the continued use of horse-drawn carriages in and around Central Park has reared its head.

Now City Council member Fernando Cabrera of the Bronx, who plans to vote for a ban on the carriages at a forthcoming council meeting, has unveiled a prototype of the “e-carriage” proposed as a substitute for the traditional horse-drawn carriages.

Both Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito have also said they would like to ban horse-drawn carriages on the grounds that the animals are both ill-treated and ill-suited to urban traffic.

Described by Catharina Thuemling of the Norwood News as “a sleek, Rolls Royce-styled car with modern amenities,” the vehicle was on display Oct. 29 outside Cabrera’s district office on Burnside Avenue. NYCLASS, an animal rights group, joined Cabrera at the unveiling.

The presented prototype of the e-carriage is designed like a car “that [is] similar [to] touring type vehicle of the time that you might have seen in New York City in a simpler time,” said Allie Feldman, Executive Director of NYCLASS.

The idea of an all-green carriage is attractive to Cabrera.

“People complain sometimes about the horse’s leftovers or the smell,” said Cabrera. “This vehicle produces none of that and at the same time it has that gravitas that many people want when they are in the delights of New York.”

Cabrera told Norwood News that “I’m going to be a loud voice in favor of the e-carriages and do the humane thing for the horses,” said Cabrera.

Read Norwood News to find out why Cabrera thinks the e-carriage could be even more of a tourist draw than horse-drawn carriages.

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