Chinese Consul General Visits Historic Exhibition on Community

SinoVision reports from the “Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion” exhibition at the New-York Historical Society again, this time to cover the visit of Sun Guoxiang, the Chinese consul general in NY. According to reporter Lani Nelson, the exhibition traces the history of Chinese in the U.S., starting from the first American trading ships in China in 1784 to the Chinese Exclusion Act and all the ‘struggles and achievements of Chinese Americans from past to present.'” Guoxiang commended “Exclusion/Inclusion” – which Nelson notes is the first large-scale exhibition on Chinese-American history to be presented by a mainstream institution – for its thoroughness and attention to detail.

“Today, you can find Chinese traditional culture around the globe. Why? Because wherever our predecessors went they brought their culture with them. Through this exhibition, even more people will be able to understand our Chinese society and Chinese community’s past. I’ve seen the exhibitions at our Chinese American museums, too, but this one is even more comprehensive, and the planning was even more thorough. The attention given to each of these minute details makes the experience even more convenient for visitors.”

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