Supporting Special Needs Kids in the Caribbean Community

After years of blogging about raising a son with special needs, Rosanne Small-Morgan decided to write a book about it.

Her recently released book, “Situation Zane: Autism…Who Knew?”, is a candid look at the life of her Caribbean-American family as they try to get the best services and care for 12-year-old Zane, who is autistic.

Small-Morgan not only wanted to share her family’s personal experiences, but raise awareness and understanding in communities where she says people don’t often talk about it. “A lot of people in our community, the Caribbean community especially, they weren’t talking about autism and their own struggles or what they knew about it,” she said.

Small-Morgan and her husband Chris are Caribbean immigrants from St. Vincent and Jamaica, respectively. At a Brooklyn book signing and discussion she spoke about how much a lack of community support can affect a family like hers. Small-Morgan’s goal is to take the shame and stigma often associated with special needs and replace it with support.

Reporter Melissa Noel tells us about the book and what Small-Morgan will be doing to spread her message in the United States and back home in the Caribbean.


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