‘Somos Los Otros’ Speaks for Those Who Can’t

Since 43 students from a teaching school in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, went missing in late September, Mexicans in the New York area have been organizing protests and rallies. Christopher, 24, and his girlfriend Ana Laura, 22, have been heading to places like Corona Plaza in Queens and Union Square in Manhattan every weekend. Their group, Somos Los Otros, or We are the Others, started out with a handful of people, and now has joined a coalition of groups around the city. They use their own money to make placards and banners. “Everything comes out of our own pockets, our own money, but it’s worth it,” says Christopher.

Lucina Melesio talked to Christopher and Ana Laura about their efforts. Listen to them in this video and watch as they prepare to march on a rainy evening. The Ayotzinapa students are now presumed dead and murdered by drug gangs, but the members of  Somos Los Otros and others continue this year to organize protests and speak out for the students and against government corruption and violence.

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  1. A great work about what’s going on in the international scene about the current political/social situation in Mexico. Congrats!
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