Handling the ‘ISIS Effect’

In this episode of CUNY TV’s “Independent Sources”: a law school group’s efforts to educate and provide support to Muslims, Arabs and others caught in the government’s counterterrorism dragnet; a book of memoirs written by Bronx locals; and the city’s first English and Japanese dual-language program.

In a segment entitled “The ISIS Effect,” host Garry Pierre-Pierre sits down with Diala Shamas, the senior staff attorney at CUNY School of Law’s CLEAR (Creating Law Enforcement Accountability and Responsibility) Project. They speak about the increased scrutiny Muslims, and other communities, face and how the group advises those affected on handling the situation when approached for questioning by law enforcement. What are the steps to take? What is the safest thing you can do for yourself and for your community? Watch at 1:02.

Next is the show’s first “On The Shelf” segment, which explores books from ethnic authors or deal with issues affecting ethnic and local communities. The inaugural book: “The Bronx Memoir Project,” a compilation of personal stories from Bronx residents that span from World War II to 2014. Charlie Vázquez, the director of the Bronx Writers Project, explains how the e-book emerged through workshops held by his organization. Contributor José Cenac tells his story, one of the more than 50 in the book. Pierre-Pierre asks, “Why is the Bronx defensive about its ‘maligned’ reputation?” Watch at 14:30.

Finally, it’s on to the city’s first dual-language English and Japanese program, which will start in the fall at P.S. 147 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, home to the second-largest Japanese community in NYC. Meet the small group of diverse moms who spent more than a year and a half planning and advocating for the program.

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