Worrying About FreshDirect in the Bronx

FreshDirect, the online grocery delivery company, is moving ahead with plans to relocate its diesel trucking operation to the state-owned Harlem River Yards location in the South Bronx by next year. Public subsidies are facilitating the move and FreshDirect has touted its benefits to the local economy, citing job opportunities for community residents.

While some favor the move, others are concerned about its environmental impact in a neighborhood with already high asthma rates.

In this video for Voices of NY by Ana Maria Rodriguez and Brooke L. Williams, hear what a mother and daughter, both asthma sufferers, have to say about FreshDirect’s move.


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  2. not by next year, it will never, ever operate in the Bronx, good to think about the language used in journalism and the narrative that is promoted or factual scenarios. planning is and trying is one thing.
    they lose $75 million a year, see their books, if you can. Can the NYC public see their latest boks if they are being offered hundreds of millions of dollars?

    Gentrification plans in Long Island City with big time contributers to the Mayor and the Governor to dump on he South Bronx, this is what it is about.

  3. BRAVO! What a wonderful video! NO to Fresh Direct!!! YES – to parks and green trees and fresh, clean, open spaces for our kids!!!!

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