Festival to Mark Greenpoint in Transition

(Image via Culture Shock Facebook page)

(Image via Culture Shock Facebook page)

A Polish heritage festival entitled “Greenpoint. The Transition 2015” and supported by Culture Shock, a Polish cultural foundation, is coming to Greenpoint with a series of events and workshops, reports Tanay Warerkar in Greenpoint Gazette. With events spread over six months or so, the festival will reprise a similar effort promoted by Culture Shock a year ago.

According to the 2010 census, Greenpoint is over 40 percent Polish, which was a major impetus behind Marta Pawlaczek, the vice president of the Culture Shock Foundation, deciding to focus the events in Greenpoint.

“Last year it was more me coming up with an idea for a project and not really knowing how it would be received in the community to whom I, myself, was pretty new,” said Pawlaczek. “This year there are people from the neighborhood who will conduct most of the activities—whom I met during last year’s project—who want to share their passions and skills within the project. The heart of the project is the people from Greenpoint and to whom Greenpoint is important, those who decided to spend their time, energy on doing something for the rest of the community and for the neighborhood.”

Read more about the festival, and how jogging might figure in it, at Greenpoint Gazette.

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