Majah Hype: Connecting the Caribbean One Joke at a Time

Comedian Majah Hype is arguably the funniest man on the Internet.  

His unique ability to effortlessly capture the accents and mannerisms typical of various Caribbean nationalities has made him a social media sensation. 

He has garnered a massive following of close to half a million people across social media sites, including 342,000 on Instagram, the photo and video sharing site where he first started posting his 15-second improvisation skits two years ago.

Majah Hype posts daily skits that depict scenarios that every Caribbean person can relate to and shows that there are shared values among Caribbean people, no matter what country a person may be from.

The former certified electrician for the MTA decided to fully pursue his passion for comedy after being laid off from his job. Even when given the opportunity to return to his six-figure salary position, he declined.

Instead, the Brooklyn-based comedian put all of his efforts into making it in the entertainment industry where he could use his platform to be a representative of and share Caribbean culture with the world.

The multi-talented entertainer also plays seven instruments, sings and produces music.  He says living in the diverse borough of Brooklyn, which many people from the Caribbean now call home, inspires topics for his hilarious skits.

He is currently on tour headlining shows in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and across the Caribbean.

Reporter Melissa Noel recently had a chance to sit down with Majah Hype at his East Flatbush studio to learn more about the man behind the jokes. 

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