Opinion: ‘We Are All Immigrants of Some Nation’

(Photo via The Haitian Times)

(Photo via The Haitian Times)

The continuing crisis over the Dominican Republic’s actions that are denying citizenship to thousands of Dominico-Haitians residing in the DR has sparked an international outcry and the condemnation of international human rights organizations. Increasingly, it’s being noted that the country’s actions may have some broader implications of which other nations should take note.

Writing in an editorial in The Haitian Times, the paper’s editor Vania Andre observes:

This is not a Haiti / Dominican immigration issue. This is a basic human rights issue. The men and women targeted and affected by this are the descendants of immigrants. Who among us here are not?

This is an issue that should concern us all because if any other country adopted this policy we would all be at risk of deportation. Arbitrarily changing a requirement for nationalization in a retrograde fashion is immoral and illegal. In fact, last November the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR ) formally condemned the decision of the Dominican court, after ruling that children do not inherit the legal status of their parents.

The Dominican Republic, whose constitutional court issued the ruling regarding Dominico-Haitians that could result in thousands of deportations is, Andre writes, “attempting to erase a part of their culture and history.” Following last month’s government deadline for registration of Dominico-Haitians, there have been widespread reports that Dominico-Haitians have been urged to leave some communities in the DR.

To read more of Andre’s editorial, and for more opinions on the crisis, go to The Haitian Times.


  1. Esther Arias says:

    Ms. Andre makes me sad that you use this newspaper to promoter hatred and lies to his readers against a country that has given so much to feed the orphans of compassion , dedication and respect for the authorities first with the new Henry I of Martelly and also against entities that have occupied Haiti? Because you will not claim those bad ONGs who have stolen money from the reconstruction of Haiti to meet him and grant donations ? I feel compassion for the Haitian people , worthy of a better fate , especially when so many well-lived in the Haitian diaspora profit from the country and prefer to defame those who help it join the desired development of the Haitian people , oblivious to their fate. You know you ate today … know millions of Haitians who will eat today?
    Ms Andre you are serious about the Dominican Republic?

  2. Esther Arias says:

    I just finish to read the story about Henry I and Petion…..

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