Send Money Through ‘Payo’

payo-pawanWhat kind of apps do you have on your iPhone? You might have many apps to play games, read news, surf social sites, send emails, make phone calls, and edit audio or video or photographs. Now a new app is on the way which is unique in its nature.

This app is named “Payo.” Payo in the Nepalese language means “to receive.” It is going to hit the market very soon for you to easily send money to Nepal. Pawan Yonjan, who hails from the Ramechhap district of Nepal, has developed this app.

“I am going to launch this app in the first week of October,” Yonjan told Everest Times. “I am planning to release this app around Dashain.” (Dashain is the main festival for the Nepalese that falls between September and October and runs for 10 days.)

He said that his app would be easy to use and hassle-free. He added, “Till now people had to wait in a queue at money transfer centers to fill out the forms and wait for their confirmation codes. This is really time-consuming. This new app will be very convenient for everybody because you can send money from anywhere in no time.”

Yonjan, who is doing his undergraduate studies in computer science at LaGuardia Community College in New York, said that it took him almost eight months to build this app. “I was researching the market and people’s interest in it which took up most of the time,” he said.” It is all ready to be rolled out. It will first appear for Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iPod. Then it will be made available for Android phones.

He said that Payo would be operating 24/7 and the service will be cheaper as compared to others. “The service will not only be simple, it will be cheaper as well. We are charging only $5 as a service fee for Nepalese in the U.S.,” said Yonjan, who is also secretary general of the Tamang Society of America, a community organization that works for the ethnic Tamang community.

He said that technological innovations have made people’s lives very easy so he wanted to make things easier for Nepalese immigrants through this app. He plans to expand this service beyond the U.S. too. In addition, he plans to utilize this app in fundraising activities as well.

How do you transfer money?

You have to install this app on your cell phone and open up a new account. Then you have to log in to the bank account from which you are sending money. The next step is to upload the name, photo and phone number of the recipient. Then the bank will ask what amount you are sending. When you hit “Okay,” you will get a confirmation code in 10 minutes. Lastly, you can send this confirmation code to the recipient in Nepal.

Does it cost money to open up an account for the app?

No, it doesn’t. You just need to download this app.

Do the recipients in Nepal have to download this app as well?

No, they don’t have to do that. They can easily collect the amount from any branch of Prabhu Money Transfer in Nepal.

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