Fighting Broken Windows with Mock Tickets

CUNY TV’s “Independent Sources” speaks to the head of a police reform advocacy group that gave out fake tickets to spread awareness of disparities in police practices. Also on the show is the director of a documentary on a sport in Chinatown played exclusively by Chinese-American men and rooted in a history of segregation.

Robert Gangi, the director of the Police Reform Organizing Project, talks about his group’s efforts to bring to light the inconsistencies in the policing of white neighborhoods versus neighborhoods of color, particularly when it comes to broken windows. One of those efforts involved giving out mock tickets to white residents in Park Slope for low-level infractions. According to Gangi, people of color will be ticketed for misdemeanors such as riding a bike on the sidewalk or jaywalking, infractions that are “virtually decriminalized” in white neighborhoods. The segment starts at 0:45.

Ursula Liang, the director and producer of “9 Man: A Streetball Battle in the Heart of Chinatown,” discusses 9-Man, a sport similar to volleyball but involves nine players and emerged on the streets of Chinatown, with origins in southern China, in the 1930s. The grassroots game, played only by men of Chinese descent, grew to become a symbol of pride and masculinity born out of a history of segregation. The segment begins at 13:00.

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