A Campaign for Driver’s Licenses for the Undocumented in NYS

(Photo from the New York Immigration Coalition via Long Island Wins)

(Photo from the New York Immigration Coalition via Long Island Wins)

While a bill that would give driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants lingers in the New Jersey Legislature, a group on Long Island initiated a campaign to make such licenses a reality again in New York state.

Long Island Wins’ Luis M. Mostacero reports that Fernando Martinez and José Maldonado, both of the Knights of Columbus in Glen Cove, started the “Driver’s License Campaign Project” about six months ago. With the help of others, they’re collecting signatures and spreading awareness of their campaign. They have also began lobbying public officials and seeking their support for a bill that will be introduced in the New York Assembly this month.

“Undocumented people drive anyway without a license putting many things in danger,” Martinez said. “If they have a license they will be able to know the law, and to drive without stress or unafraid of police.”

According to Assembly member Philip Ramos, the bill would ask the DMV to eliminate the need for a social security number when applying for a license.

Would the license appear different from the current one? When did the state last issue licenses to undocumented immigrants? Find out at Long Island Wins.

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