A Message to Refugees

(Photo by walnutwordsalad via Ditmas Park Corner)

(Photo by walnutwordsalad via Ditmas Park Corner)

Posters bearing the message “Refugees Are Welcome Here” and depicting a bearded father enveloping a child in his coat are popping up in Brooklyn storefronts, reports Shannon Geis in Ditmas Park Corner. Members of Jewish Voice for Peace, a group that is fighting Islamophobia, are responsible for distributing the posters.

And on Jan. 2, the writer and artist Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose smash hit musical Hamilton is drawing crowds on Broadway, tweeted about seeing the poster:

Ditmas Park Corner’s Geis spoke with a member of Jewish Voice for Peace about the campaign.

“We think it is especially important to show our solidarity with the Muslim community at this moment, when there is rampant surveillance and profiling of Muslims, and Muslims are being stereotyped and stigmatized in the media and by prominent politicians,” says Emily Hoffman, one of the canvassers who helped put up the posters.

“We are hoping they will contribute to a neighborhood culture that is welcoming to all refugees, but particularly Muslim refugees, since they are met with so much fear and discrimination. These refugees are not terrorists; they are fleeing ISIS, which has destroyed their homeland.”

While the posters have been seen in a number of neighborhoods across the city, they’ve also appeared then been removed – find out why in the original article in Ditmas Park Corner.

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