Korean Volunteers Help Day Laborers

On Jan. 18, 2016, day laborers are picking free winter clothes near the cross of Northern Blvd and Parsons Blvd in Flushing, Queens (Photo via Korea Daily)

On Jan. 18, 2016, day laborers received free winter clothes near the intersection of Northern Boulevard and Parsons Boulevard in Flushing, Queens. (Photo via Korea Daily)

Koreans delivered warmth to foreign laborers.

Near the intersection of Northern Boulevard and Parsons Boulevard in Flushing, Queens, 1004 Foundation, which has been collecting donations and conducting volunteer activities in the New Year, [on Jan. 18] delivered about 50 winter clothes to foreign day laborers who wait for the subway to go to work every morning.

The wind chill was around 10℉. But laborers were protected from the cold once they selected coats and jackets donated by Koreans.

Those clothes were donated by Korean owners of dry cleaners in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Chang Duk Jeon, a member of the board of directors of 1004 Foundation, went around New York City and gathered clothes unclaimed for a long time from the cleaning stores.

He said, “Those clothes forgotten by somebody have been reborn as welcome presents for others. I hope foreign laborers, from now on, can wait for their commute to work and be warmer with these winter clothes.”

About 50 winter clothes were distributed in just 10 minutes.

On Jan. 4, 2016, 1004 Foundation launched its first volunteer efforts of the year by providing free breakfast to day laborers at the same location in Flushing. An Sik Nam, co-president of 1004 Foundation, said, “Two weeks ago, at the free breakfast event, workers seemed a bit reserved, but, this time, they were more open to come and talk to us and showed their appreciation.”

One Latino man said, “I appreciate those Koreans who know what exactly we need. Two weeks ago, they came to give us coffee and meals. And today they are giving us winter clothes.”

The foundation has plans to provide free meals again in March to day laborers at the same location in Flushing.

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