A Future for the Slave Theater?

(photo by Hiroki Kobayashi via Our Time Press)

(Photo by Hiroki Kobayashi via Our Time Press)

The tangled tale of the sale of the historic Slave Theater is a troubling one, with the property slated to be the site of the first office tower in central Brooklyn, complete with an atrium that would replace the theater. Now, writes Mary Alice Miller in Our Time Press, New York City Council member Robert Cornegy is involved in trying to protect the cultural icon.

There have been allegations that a fraudulent deed to the property enabled its sale to developers, and Cornegy first wants to be sure that no fraud was committed. Once that has been established, Miller writes, Cornegy offers two alternative proposals. The first is that a public/private partnership be established to fully renovate the theater into an entertainment venue, along the lines of the Kings Theatre in Flatbush.

Said Cornegy:

We can’t realistically expect a level of altruism on the part of the developer. I have to be able to show them in real numbers how there is revenue that could be generated and goodwill simultaneously for a space that has been important to our community for a long time like the Slave Theater.

If that proposal is not adopted, Cornegy suggests that space be set aside in the atrium “to display the rich culture and legacy of the Slave Theater through pictorials and memorabilia.”

But controversy continues to swirl over the sale of the building. For details on that convoluted story, and what Cornegy has to say about continued investigations into allegations of deed theft, go to Our Time Press.

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