Hillary Clinton Sets the Pace among NY Latinos

The former senator for New York convinced 115,401 voters in New York City alone. (Photo by Edwin Martínez via El Diario)

The former senator for New York convinced 115,401 voters in New York City alone. (Photo by Edwin Martínez via El Diario)

Hillary Clinton walked away with the big prize in Tuesday’s New York primary, and her victory had a Latino flavor.

The candidate won 65 percent of the Hispanic vote, a sign that the community considers her the best representative for the Democratic Party in the November presidential election.

In what looked like a “chronicle of a victory foretold” within the Latino community, Clinton was able to translate into votes the support and warmth her Hispanic followers showed her in the last days of her campaign here. Her subway ride and stop in the Bronx, her afternoon playing dominoes in East Harlem and her merengue dancing in Upper Manhattan ‒ together with her promise to fight and work relentlessly for immigrants ‒ bore fruit.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders won the support of 35.1 percent of the Latino vote, with 62,327 votes. The relatively high number was not enough to allow him to leave the former first lady behind, who seems to be the favorite among Latinos.

“She won New York and won among Latinos because she has had an active political life in this city. She continued to come to New York, is not new to the political landscape and has had a close relation with the Latino community,” said analyst Luis Miranda. The pundit explained that Clinton also has the support of the city’s most important political leaders.

“She had all the Latino politicians pushing for her and backing her. She did not rest on her laurels and traveled up and down the city visiting every community,” said Miranda.

José García, a New York supporter born in Peru who could not stop celebrating at the event organized by the candidate to wait for the results, said that ‒ aside from her inclusive message ‒ he prefers Clinton because she seems capable of moving from rhetoric to action.

“Hillary has promised all of us that she will promote immigration reform, and I know that this time the dream will come true,” said García.

For his part, Jorge Silva, director of Hispanic Media for Clinton’s campaign, said that the Democratic candidate fully understands that the Hispanic vote is crucial on her road to the White House.

“[This victory] made it clear that the Latino community knows that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to advance comprehensive immigration reform and to create a better future,” said Silva. “It’s very simple: Without the Latino vote, you don’t get to the White House, and the [New York primary] results confirm once again that our community knows that Hillary Clinton will tear down the walls that prevent Latinos from moving forward.”

In the Bronx and most areas in Upper Manhattan, Clinton got more than 70 percent of the Latino vote. She also had high numbers in parts of Queens such as Jackson Heights and Corona. The support seems to be a reward for the help the candidate has offered those communities.

“Seeing the large number of votes the winning candidates of both parties were able to produce, it’s hard to ignore the importance of the Latino vote,” said Bronx Borough President Rubén Díaz Jr. “Secretary of State Clinton is well-known in the Hispanic community. They trust her, especially here in the Bronx, where she helped us find solutions for unemployment, helped reduce crime and also helped the borough’s economic development.”

Still, not all Latinos were decisive to Clinton’s victory in New York. Many of them did the same thing for Donald Trump in the Republican primary. Figures reveal that the real estate mogul won 61 percent of the Latino vote, which may look like a lot but only amounts to 3,368 individual voters.

Among Latinos, second place went to Ted Cruz, with 1,208 votes. John Kasich got 932 Latino votes.

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