Mixtec Carnival on Staten Island Rekindles Mexican Traditions

Carnaval Mixteco (Photo by Pablo Quiñónez via Diario de México)

Carnaval Mixteco (Photo by Pablo Quiñónez via Diario de México)

The Staten Island Mixtec Carnival (Carnaval Mixteco) was held on Sunday, featuring groups performing traditional dances from Mexico’s Mixtec culture.

Gonzalo Mercado, executive director of La Colmena at the Staten Island Community Job Center, said that this is one of two annual events the organization holds alongside the Proyecto Transnacional Ñani Migrante (Ñani Migrante Transnational Project) and the Asamblea de Familias Migrantes (Migrant Families Assembly).

Mercado said that the event presents “dances and traditions of the Mixtec culture performed by immigrant workers who live in and help build New York.”

For his part, Armando Villanueva Ñani Migrante (“ñani” means “sibling” in Mixtec), on Staten Island, said that the carnival seeks to unite families and revive traditions within the community.

“We want to send a message to the U.S. or the people who think that we are killers, thieves or rapists that we have something to bring to this nation: our culture, our tradition,” said Villanueva.

Go to Diario de México to watch videos of performances from the carnival.

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