LGBT Assembly Members Prevail in Primary

Deborah Glick (Photo courtesy of

Deborah Glick (Photo courtesy of

Three LGBT members of the New York State Assembly managed to beat back challengers in the Democratic primary on Sept. 13, reports Paul Schindler in Gay City News, and a key LGBT ally in the Bronx retained his spot on the Democratic ticket.

In Assembly District 66, the incumbent Deborah Glick managed to fend off a challenge by longtime gay, anti-war, and environmental activist Jim Fouratt, capturing roughly 80 percent of the vote, while on the Upper West Side and in upstate New York, out LGBT assembly members prevailed over challengers.

One noteworthy race was in the Bronx, where the anti-gay City Council member Fernando Cabrera lost in his second consecutive attempt to unseat state Sen. Gustavo Rivera, “a progressive LGBT ally who first won election in 2010,” writes Gay City News.

Cabrera, whose embrace of homophobic politics included a trip to Uganda, where he broadcast a YouTube tribute to legislators there who were pushing a harshly anti-gay measure that in its earliest incarnation included the death penalty for sodomy, won just 37 percent of the vote, below the level he achieved when challenging Rivera two years ago.

In recent weeks, Rivera charged that Cabrera’s campaign had illegally allocated donations that could only be used in a general election campaign in his primary challenge. The funds in question were contributed by a married couple in New Jersey long affiliated with anti-choice and homophobic political causes and a wealthy conservative businessman in Manhattan.

Go to Gay City News for more on the results of Tuesday’s primary.

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