A Tihar Celebration to Help Nepalese Children

Hindu Nepalese observe five days of Tihar, the festival of light, generally during October/ November. During these five days, there is a tradition that people – generally children and teenagers – go to various homes in their community. Clad in their traditional outfits, they sing and dance at the homes and give families blessings for their prosperous health and wealth. In return, they are offered sweets, food and money. This tradition is observed for two days during Tihar, and is called “Deusi-Bhailo.”

“Bhailo” is presented by a team of girls whereas “Deusi” is presented by a team of boys. “Deusi-Bhailo” is somewhat similar to Halloween, but the teams don’t wear crazy costumes.

Recently, volunteers with the Jharana Foundation, a nonprofit based in Queens that supports children and elderly in Nepal, celebrated Tihar by going to different homes in New York and New Jersey. A team of 11 girls raised $4,500 playing “Deusi-Bhailo.” The foundation is planning to use this funding for underprivileged children in the Taplejung district in Nepal.

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