‘Indian Americans for Democrats’ Rally Community

From L to R: Mike Patel, Dr. Bhupi Patel, and Sant Singh Chatwal

From L to R: Mike Patel, Dr. Bhupi Patel, and Sant Singh Chatwal (Photo via The Indian Panorama)

The advocacy group Indian Americans for Democrats and Friends of Hillary for President urged Indian Americans to vote for the Democratic candidate during a Nov. 2 press conference held at the Chatwal hotel in midtown Manhattan, reports The Indian Panorama’s Bidisha Roy.

The group’s chair, hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal, was joined by Dr. Bhupi Patel, former chief of medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, and Mike Patel, founder of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association and former commissioner in President Bill Clinton’s White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, among others.

Following a rundown of Clinton’s lengthy political career and how “Indian-Americans should vote for her as she can boost India-US relations,” the hotelier had a few additional words to say about the Republican Hindu Coalition event last month that included an appearance by Donald Trump.

Chatwal also slammed Trump for his remark that he is a “big fan of Hindus” and of India at an event in New Jersey last month. “India is not only for Hindus; India has Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and many more. Trump has to understand that. India has a large Muslim population. Muslim population is more in India than in Pakistan. Trump does not know that. Talk is cheap but it is difficult to deliver.”

Dr. Bhupi Patel pointed to how Clinton has supported India and Indian Americans when it comes to issues like immigration, health care and education.

He said the community should vote for her as Clinton has strong policies in these areas that will benefit the community and future generations.

“It’s time to reciprocate. We need somebody in White House who knows India. Trump does not know India.”

HR Shah, CEO of TV Asia and longtime supporter of Indian Americans for Democrats, spoke bluntly about how the U.S. is lagging behind when it comes to “women power.”

“In 240 years America does not have a woman president. Even India had a woman prime minister 30 years ago, who ruled for 10 years, but it’s unfortunate that America is so backward in realizing the strength of women power. We want to see the change. Make noise for the fundamental change,” he said.

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