Indo-Guyanese and Puerto Rican Dancing Meet in Multiborough Series

From Nov. 8 to 20, a dance company will run a series of classes and other events that look at the Indo-Guyanese and Puerto Rican dance cultures and how they relate to each other.

The idea, years in the making, comes from Romanee and Company founder Romanee Kalicharran, who herself has roots in both cultures, reports Alexandra Simon for Caribbean Life.

Said Kalicharran:

“It will be transforming to see and explore these cultures through the historical aspect of colonization of various places.”

One of the main highlights of the series includes dance classes going through the basics of Kathak, a north Indian classical dance, and Bomba, a Puerto Rican drum-based rhythmic dance. For Kalicharran, she says growing up with a Puerto Rican mother and Guyanese father, these dances lived inside her since childhood even though it took some learning to combine them together for a series.

Kalicharran will be joined by four other musicians in performing music, teaching and dancing in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn. The two-week event, entitled “Where Kathak and Bomba Meets in Me,” will also include a panel discussion, readings and a food tasting.

In addition to the video above from Romanee and Company, get details on the event, and more from Kalicharran, at Caribbean Life.

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