‘Top Donut Shop’ is Greenpoint Mom-and-Pop Store

(Photo by Mary Frost via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

(Photo by Mary Frost via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

While Polish businesses in Greenpoint have shuttered or moved in recent years due to gentrification, one shop is still going strong after more than 60 years. It continues to serve longtime Polish residents as well as their more recently arrived neighbors.

In a story for Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Scott Enman steps inside Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop, where its many customers await their turn amid what Enman describes as a “traditional diner feel” preserved by Donna Siafakos and her husband Christo. The couple have run “this quintessential Brooklyn establishment” since 1993.

Among the customers, notes Enman, are “elderly residents perusing Polish newspapers or debating politics while sitting on stools over a checkerboard floor” while “a group of meticulous Polish girls dart back and forth behind the counter.”

And in a neighborhood where one is more apt to see advertisements for Zywiec beer than for Budweiser, Peter Pan is a testament to traditional Brooklyn when mom-and-pop stores reigned supreme.

Go to Brooklyn Daily Eagle for more photos and a video of Peter Pan and to read what customers enjoy most about the store named NYC’s top donut shop of 2017 by Zagat Guide.

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