Giving Hope to Children in Haiti

At left, Myung-hun Hong, the head of the New York Korean Saxophone Ensemble, offering a donation before the Jan. 8 concert began. (Photo courtesy of the New York Korean Saxophone Ensemble)

The New York Korean Saxophone Ensemble started the new year by holding a charity concert on Jan. 8 at the Great Neck All Saints Episcopal Church. Proceeds from the concert, for which The Korea Times was a sponsor, will go to help supply drinking water for children in Haiti.

During the performance, 11 members of the ensemble and some guest performers played popular music and classical music, including a concerto by Johann Sebastian Bach. After their performance, the audience gave them a loud round of applause. The head of the New York Korean Saxophone Ensemble, Myung-hun Hong, said: “I’m really grateful that I meet audiences through the concerts. Some members, including master Chung-il Kim, established a wind ensemble in Haiti and have led the wind ensemble since last year. Our ensemble provides musical instruments and accessories to the wind ensemble, and we are going to maintain a continuous relationship.”

All the proceeds from the concert will be used to supply drinking water in Haitian orphanages, to support mission centers in Cité Soleil and Saint-Marc and to back the operation of the wind ensemble. The ensemble is planning to rent potable water trucks to supply enough water to the orphanages. Also, ensemble members will teach children how to play the instruments, so that they can develop their musical sensitivity and dream of the future.

Some audience members who came to the concert donated their used or new musical instruments. These instruments will be sent to Haiti after they are fixed.

The New York Korean Saxophone Ensemble, founded five years ago, consists of both specialists and amateurs. This year’s benefit concert is their third. Last year, they also gave scholarships to students here who were music majors. They have tried to support the people who need their help.

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