Korean Band Brings Gender and Genre-Bending Show to Queens

SsingSsing (Photo via QNS)

SsingSsing (Photo via QNS)

An ensemble of six Korean musicians will “meld elements of rock-n-roll with traditional Asian folk ballads, pop music, and shaman rituals” when they take the stage at Flushing Town Hall on Jan. 6 as the band SsingSsing, reports QNS.

Favoring a bright shade of red, group members flabbergast with electrified hairstyles, ceiling-touching headgear, eye-sparkling outfits, and knee-reaching shoes. Then, there’s the anything-goes stage antics and oscillating vocals.

For more on how one member channels Madonna, and how the band draws inspiration from the songs of rice paddy workers, go to QNS. Watch

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