Mamaroneck Joins Westchester Driver’s Licenses Campaign

The community attended the board session in Mamaroneck on Jan. 9, where support for the campaign seeking to issue driver’s licenses was approved. (Photo via Westchester Hispano)

The Green Light NY campaign scored another point on Monday, Jan. 9, when the Board of Trustees of the Village of Mamaroneck unanimously approved a resolution in favor of issuing driver’s licenses for all immigrants living in the state of New York.

The campaign, which was supported and promoted by the Community Resource Center (CRC), located in Mamaroneck, commended the achievement and expressed its gratitude to local officials.

As part of the Green Light NY strategy, support is being gathered from each municipality and elected officials first, in order to create consensus and present a strong case in Albany when the time comes to request the approval of licenses in New York state.

The city of Hudson was the first one to join the campaign, and it is known that the support of the mayor of Utica and others is soon to be confirmed.

“We are very hopeful because we have been hearing great things in the areas of Kingston, Hudson Valley, [and] we are fighting in Syracuse, Rochester, Albany and Long Island. These are the five areas where we are seeing movement and the work is showing positive signs,” said Charlotte Gossett-Navarro, regional outreach manager for the New York Immigration Coalition and the coordinator of this campaign for driver’s licenses.

“We want to achieve it in this session ending in July, and we are planning a march to Albany in March to introduce a piece of legislation that may allow us to win the approval this year,” said Gossett-Navarro.

For her part, Janet Rolón, deputy executive director of the CRC, said that the next step is to organize community forums to regroup and elaborate strategies, as they “organize other communities to pass resolutions like this one in support of the Green Light campaign,” she said.

The Green Light NY campaign has so far won support in the municipalities of Ossining, Port Chester and now Mamaroneck.

It was agreed that the favorable vote will be sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, state Sen. George Latimer and Assemblyman Steven Otis, and the resolution will be sent to Albany to follow the necessary steps to ultimately achieve the passage of a law that grants the right to driver’s licenses to all immigrants in the state.

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