Queens Health Nonprofit Opens Indian Unit

OB-GYN doctor Uma Mysorekar spoke at the inauguration for the Indian Cultural Unit on Dec. 5. The community advocate serves as the president of the Hindu Temple Society of North America. (Photo courtesy of Parker Jewish Instiute via Times Ledger)

Reflecting the growth of the Indian population in parts of Queens and Nassau County, the Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation plans to open an Indian Cultural Unit, reports Times Ledger’s Mark Hallum.

Parker CEO Michael Rosenblut described what the unit will include.

“Parker plans to dedicate a unit to meet the needs of Queens and Nassau’s growing Indian population,” Rosenblut stated. “The unit will feature clinical and front line staff fluent in Indian languages, as well as Indian newspapers and movies, plus traditional Indian meals made fresh daily, prepared by our chefs. There will also be Indian recreation and cultural entertainment, and, of course, Indian-inspired décor and artwork.”

To find out when the unit is slated to open and for more on its inaugural ceremony, go to Times Ledger.

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