Brooklyn School Hosts Black History Month Music Fest

Chris Sholar (left) and Jaimeo Brown (Photo by Rebecca Meek via BKLYNER)

The third annual P.S. 130 Music Festival in Kensington, held in honor of Black History, Month will feature Transcendence, a musical project that centers on African-American history and culture.

Cover of Work Songs

The project is the work of drummer and educator Jaimeo Brown and Grammy-award winner Chris Sholar, reports Chris Farrell for BKLYNER, who writes:

[Their album] Work Songs uses digital sampling to combine 1930s field recordings of Alabama quilters, an inmate from Mississippi’s notorious Parchman Prison Farm, Japanese folk songs, sounds from urban construction projects and more to create a patchwork-like timeline.

The songs include rhythmic mantras, which predate the field recordings back to the days of slavery and even earlier to West African music, notes Farrell.

The festival runs Feb. 10-11. Go to BKLYNER for more on Transcendence and Brown’s efforts to make music that serves the community. And find out the diverse performances the parents have in store for the show.

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