Linda Sarsour Leaving Arab American Association

Linda Sarsour (Photo by Mohsin Zaheer)

Bay Ridge activist Linda Sarsour has announced she will leave the Arab American Association of New York after serving as its executive director for 11 years, reports Paula Katinas for Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

In a letter sent out on Tuesday to community members and supporters, Sarsour wrote: “We are in a critical moment as a country and I feel compelled to focus my energy on the national level and building the capacity of the progressive movement…”

Ever since her role in organizing the Women’s March on Washington in January, Sarsour’s profile has reached a national level, Katinas noted, adding that she will remain active in the Arab-American community in Brooklyn.

The activist continued:

“I will be traveling the country training organizers and local Arab and Muslim communities in effective campaigning and movement-building. I will continue to raise my voice to push policies that protect and uplift the most marginalized communities. I may even write my first book. The fight is in me and I am feeling bolder and braver than ever,” Sarsour wrote.

Go to Brooklyn Daily Eagle for more from Sarsour.

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