Opinion: Exhorting Indians to Fight Racist Attacks

Sujeet Rajan (Photo via News India Times)

Sujeet Rajan, executive editor of  Parikh Worldwide Media, writes in News India Times of the hateful race crime recently conducted against a Hindu of Tamil origin in Colorado, and reviews the long, sorry history of violence and similar hate crimes against non-whites in America.

It’s important to understand a crucial factor: White supremacists, racists don’t give a damn about what religion you’re from. Hindu. Muslim. Christian. Sikh. It doesn’t make any difference to them. They react purely to Brown or Black skin color (unless you are a Jew). White nationalists are petrified of Whites turning into a minority community.

One thing’s for sure: the recent wave of racial attacks and violence against the Indian community since the presidential elections of November, 2016, is shaping up to be another anxious time for the community, after the deadly attacks by the hate group Dotbusters in New Jersey for almost six years, beginning from the fall of 1987, and the post-9/11 era.

People should do much more than simply hope or pray that they will be spared, writes Rajan.

Mr. Saravanan surely has his reason to try to keep his name out of the spotlight. Keep his face masked, talking of the attack on his house. But the Indian community cannot do that, unless they want this wave of new attacks to come to their door next. It doesn’t matter whether one is Republican or a Democrat. If you voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

What’s important is to condemn these racial attacks on the Indian community by sending letters and phone calls to local law enforcement, Congressmen and Senators, community leaders. Encourage them to talk of diversity and peace in schools and neighborhoods. Prevent violence.

For more, go to News India Times.

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