A New Book from Julia Álvarez

Julia Álvarez hugs a young fan. (Photo by Emmanuel Abreu via The Bronx Free Press)

Julia Álvarez, the author of such modern classics as “How the García Girls Lost Their Accents,” is reconnecting with readers of all ages with her new book, “Where Do They Go?” (¿Donde va a parar?) which tackles the subject of what happens to loved ones after they die. Álvarez read excerpts from the book at a recent event held at the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum in Upper Manhattan, report Natasha Soto and Debralee Santos in The Bronx Free Press.

Álvarez, who teaches at Middlebury College in Vermont, explained that she was inspired to write the book after the death of her beloved older sister Maury, who committed suicide.

It was a devastating loss.

“I felt as if I’d been sliced open, and my guts poured out of me,” wrote Álvarez about the experience in a statement posted on her website. “Life, or the desire for it, was leaving me. Part of us dies with the death of people we love. All we can do is wait and see what is left when our grief is done with us—if it ever totally is.”

The Dominican-American writer’s new book is available in both English and Spanish. Go to The Bronx Free Press to read about what some of her fans had to say about her work, and to read about Álvarez’s remarks about how immigrants bring “more soul” to this country.

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