A Former LES Gang Member Reflects

“Excuse My Gangsta Ways” is described as a “visual poetic documentary” about Davina Wan, who joined a Lower East Side gang, and eventually left it, after dramatic changes in her life. Her recount of family life, gang life and her life after is interspersed with interviews featuring her grandmother and godfather.

The 15-minute documentary by Corrine E. Manabat, which appears as part of CUNY TV’s “Short Docs Web Series,” is accompanied by a “web extra” in which CUNY sociology professor Margaret M. Chin speaks about a teen’s yearning to belong somewhere, in the context of gangs and Chinese-American youths.

Watch the documentary above and go to CUNY TV for the interview with Chin.

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  1. A big thank you to @VoicesNY for hosting Excuse My Gangsta Ways and Professor Margaret M. Chin’s interview, from CUNY TV’s Short Docs Web Series

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