Cheering France’s Election Returns, in NYC

(Photo via France-Amérique)

En Marche! New York, the local branch of the party whose leader Emmanuel Macron won the French runoff presidential election on May 7, held a “watch party” that evening in the basement of the Cafe Tallulah on the Upper West Side, reports Alexander Gonzalez in the bilingual France-Amérique.

Attendees were cheered by Macron’s win with 66.1 percent of the overall vote (he drew 95 percent of the votes of French nationals who voted in New York, according to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Florent Joly, who founded the local chapter, felt relieved — even when polls had predicted a Macron victory against his contender, Marine Le Pen, of the extreme-right National Front party, who earned almost 34 percent of the overall vote. “This past week, I haven’t slept, waking up every hour,” said Joly, 27.

Other French citizens also were buoyed by the news.

Jacqueline Traoré, 23, said a Le Pen administration would’ve put her French-Malian dual citizenship in jeopardy. In the wake of France’s domestic terrorist attacks, Le Pen proposed legislation where dual citizens from non-European countries would’ve been forced to choose one nationality. “It consolidates a sense of home. I still feel welcome,” said Traoré, who attended French schools most of her life. She is earning her master’s degree in journalism at New York University.

Go to France-Amérique for more reporting on how French voters in the NYC reacted to the news.

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