Indian States Celebrated in Times Square

A band of Dhol Tasha Lezhim artists performed (Photo via News India Times)

On Sunday, April 30, a joint celebration of the two Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra brought drumming and dancing to Times Square for the second annual Maharashtra Day and Gujarat Day. The two states, which each have their respective languages, were formed on May 1, 1960 after the division of Bombay state.

In addition to watching some of the dozens of performers, spectators could attend workshops set up to spread awareness about the two states.

Co-organizer Dr. Manisha Madhavi of Jai Bharat Dhol Tasha Pathak USA, a cultural group, spoke to News India Times about the purpose of the event.

“The response was overwhelming,” said Madhavi, who started the organization with her husband Vasant Madhavi. “Our aim is to show the unity in our culture and respect the two states have for each other. We get along and support each other,” she added.

The American Bazaar reported that “Times Square also witnessed flash mob of heart throbbing Live Dhol Tasha music, and the states’ traditional dances” while noting that the “states were formed after a long protest demanding a separate state for Marathi-speaking people.”

For more details and photos from Maharashtra Day and Gujarat Day, go to News India Times and The American Bazaar. And find videos from the event at Jai Bharat Dhol Tashaa Pathak’s Facebook page.

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