One-on-One Language Meetups

(Photo via Bushwick Daily)

Bushwick resident Walsh Costigan, frustrated at her attempts to meet and converse with French speakers, designed a new app, Lexody, which allows people to connect one-on-one with speakers of different languages, and set up meetings, or “lexes,” reports Benjamin Kulakofsky in Bushwick Daily.

Lexes themselves last an hour, with 30 minutes dedicated to each language. Costigan sees the benefits of conversing with native speakers far exceeding what can be achieved through self-study. As she puts it, “The nuance of language is the most beautiful part. And you really can’t teach yourself that. You have to just dive in and feel a little uncomfortable for a while.”

That discomfort is real, as anyone who’s learned a second or third language can attest. However, Costigan thinks that people are ready to embrace it, in part thanks to online dating. “Right now I think there’s this huge gap in the market for in person meet ups…Our generation is ready for this,” she said.

To help people get past any awkwardness they may feel about setting up “languages dates,” writes Kulakofsky, the app “incorporates a set of conversation starters and simple games to play with a language partner, including one utilizing Giphy, an online service for creating and sharing gifs.”

To read more about the app and learn how Costigan ended up developing it, go to Bushwick Daily.

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