Alison Tan, Peter Koo’s Challenger, on Developers and More

Alison Tan is challenging two-term Council member Peter Koo. (Photo by Jon Cronin via Queens Tribune)

Alison Tan, a member of Community Board 7, manager of a real estate firm and the wife of State Assembly member Ron Kim, is challenging Peter Koo, the longtime City Council member for Flushing. In an interview with James Farrell of Queens Tribune, she detailed how she would better serve the community, noting how overdevelopment has affected the community.

“I think that many people feel in the district that quality of life has vastly deteriorated, that the streets are more congested than ever, that there’s so much more development and we’re not getting our fair share of resources coming back to the community relative to the economic impact that the hardworking people within the district itself are contributing toward city taxes,” she said.

Tan said that Flushing developers who seek profits and large projects without giving back to the community have exacerbated those problems. She declined to specify which developers have failed to accommodate the community, describing the issue more broadly as a problem with “every developer that has developed in Flushing.”

“I’m not saying that developers are terrible people,” she said. “[Development] is a pivotal point of progress within our community, so development is crucial. But I want to hold developers accountable—accountable for the profit that they’re making and incrementally giving back to the community that they are profiting off of.”

As a member of CB 7 for seven years, Tan has voted both for and against some development proposals, Queens Tribune noted, and Koo has opposed some as well.

Koo has previously opposed controversial projects, such as the Flushing West development. He was credited at the last CB 7 meeting with helping remove a commercial overlay from the 35th Avenue project that Tan voted against. But Tan thinks that her real estate know-how could give her more leverage in negotiating development parameters and more givebacks from developers.

“I think it’s incredibly valuable to have someone in the city council who speaks the language of developers, understands the developer and is a formidable opponent to negotiate against when developers are negotiating for density increases,” Tan said. “I don’t think [Koo] has the capabilities to do that.”

Go to Queens Tribune to read about Tan’s views on other topics – from promoting services for seniors to dealing with the illegal spas that front for prostitution rings. And find out what she had to say about her husband’s original endorsement of Koo.

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  1. I live in CB45 (Jumaane’s awesome!) but wish you tons of luck in CB-43!

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