Ángela Ramos Announces Candidacy for the Suffolk Legislature

Ángela Ramos will run to represent the 9th District. (Photo via Via Noticia Long Island)

Exclusively for Noticia, Ángela Ramos, who is married to Assemblyman Phil Ramos, announced that she will run to represent the 9th District in the Suffolk County Legislature, a seat currently held by Mónica Martínez.

“The decision to run to become a legislator comes from the fact that our county is enduring a number of problems,” said Ramos, adding that power and resources are not given voluntarily but that they need to be fought for.

“A legislator must fight for our community. How is it possible that millions of dollars are being granted to Downtown, while the center of Brentwood and Central Islip have remained the same for decades? Unfortunately, I will not be spending a dime if the communities of Brentwood, Bay Shore and Central Islip continue the same way.”

According to Ramos, there is much discontent in the community. “The county’s health clinics have left our community. We have a terrible violence problem, and we see millions of dollars from other levels of government obtained by other politicians while, at the county level, we received a promise for funds that have yet to arrive,” she said.

“One more school year passed, and the program to combat dangerous gangs that was promised to the students still does not exist. Our voters are disappointed because Legislator Martínez has not come through,” she said.

“The town and other authorities are being disrespectful to the residents of Brentwood, Bay Shore and Central Islip. A legislator cannot be afraid to defend the dignity of working families in our municipalities.”

No fear of Trump

Ángela Ramos said that, as an activist and as part of the Long Island Women of Vision Coalition, she has fought for the rights of the community, including participating in the march against current President Donald Trump.

“I have been an activist for many years and fought for equality for women and also for the immigrant community. I have marched with the unions in demonstrations when workers have been exploited by companies,” said Ramos.

“I have organized buses to transport women to marches in Washington, to the march against Trump and for women’s rights I have worked hard for justice and equality in my community many times.”

“Being a leader and a legislator goes beyond delivering a short, two-minute speech. Words without action only abuse the good faith of the residents of Brentwood, Central Islip and Bay Shore,” stressed the candidate for the 9th District legislative seat.

“For instance, Newsday asked Mónica Martínez what her opinion was about Trump possibly visiting Brentwood and Central Islip, and the legislator refused to answer. I would respond that we do not need anyone to come here to promote hatred and to split families. I am not afraid to say that,” emphasized Ramos.

For his part, her husband, Assemblyman Phil Ramos, is encouraging her to run. “I am proud. I support my wife the same way she supports me. It is a beautiful thing, not a negative thing. As an Assembly member, I have to find resources, so imagine if we had another legislator fighting for that. The benefit for our community would be doubled,” he said.

(Photo via Via Noticia Long Island)

Experience as an immigrant

“I understand the needs and difficulties of the residents of our diverse community. I was born in the Dominican Republic to a poor family, in a house with a dirt floor in the countryside, where people have principles and honor even if they do not possess much. I know the pain of family separation because my mother came to the United States to find a way to provide us with the basics,” remembers Ángela Ramos.

“After a few years, she brought the entire family over. I was 12. I know the difficulties immigrants endure because I lived through them. We were able to overcome that poverty. When I graduated high school, I worked in factories with my brother to help our family until I found a job as a bank teller. By staying focused and working hard, I was able to become a manager; I worked at the People’s United Bank in Brentwood. I was able to convince [the company] to invest in the community and got them to help organize and support a number of civic events, anti-graffiti [efforts], movie nights in the park, health clinics, etc.,” she said.

“A few years ago, I changed careers and became an assistant director at the Suffolk Probation Department, where inmate probations are handled. That is where I learned about the inequity existing within the Department of Justice. That experience would lead me to run for the legislature, hoping to create laws that are more just.”

“With God on our side, we will be able to have more results and fewer empty words,” concluded a determined Ramos.

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  1. Mrs. Ramos I commend you for your perseverance in equality for women and children also justice for our community for everyone. You have me and my family’s support please keep us informed with your continuous improvement and endeavours thank you & may God continue to bless you

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