Capturing an Immigrant’s Transitioning

Mateo Guerrero, 21, laughs at himself when he shaves, because even after nearly two years on testosterone, he knows he doesn’t have much facial hair yet – but he still likes the habit. Here, he gets ready for work at home in Corona, Queens on April 5, 2017. (Photo by Mallory Moench via Brooklyn Based)

Soon after Mateo Guerrero arrived in Queens as an immigrant from Colombia in 2010, his parents learned of his desire to transition into a man. While his father left the family and went back to their country after finding out, his mother came to accept him, and continued to stand by his side years later when he changed his name to Mateo and began testosterone injections.

On Feb. 21 of this year, the now 22-year-old underwent an operation to remove his breasts. Mateo is now a “pioneer activist,” whose goal is to “empower trans people of color to break societal and cultural stereotypes and boundaries,” writes reporter Mallory Moench.

She follows Mateo for a photo essay of his daily activities. Go to Brooklyn Based to get a glimpse into his life and find out what kind of “privilege” he now experiences, much to his surprise.

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