Citi Bikes for the Bronx?

(Photo by mike, Creative Commons License)

A citywide petition to bring more Citi Bike stations to underserved areas sounds like a good idea to some Bronx residents, Devin Dae Tucker reports in Norwood News.

Transportation Alternatives has already received more than 6,000 of the 10,000 signatures the organization is seeking for a petition that urges Mayor Bill de Blasio to allocate 0.01 percent of the city budget toward expanding Citi Bike to the Bronx, Staten Island, and large underserved areas of Brooklyn and Queens.

The prospect of the bikes coming to the Bronx sparked logistical questions from Norwood resident Edward Aucay, who suspected that “lack of space that might be required to have Citi Bike transportation to even be available” in Norwood could hamper any of the blue-colored bikes to come to the neighborhood.

George Laing, a Norwood resident who routinely exercises at Williamsbridge Oval Park, said the bikes could inspire Bronx residents to “exercise more and give them that other option.”

Meantime, Byron Young, who works in the neighborhood, thinks it’s unfair  there bikes were not here to begin with. “I hope they bring it to everyone and hopefully they give discounted rates to people in under-resourced communities,” Young said.

Turn to Norwood News to learn how many more bikes could come to the South Bronx, Highbridge, Mott Haven and along the Grand Concourse if the program were expanded.

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