East New York Residents on Rezoning, A Year Later

East New York residents speak to City Limits about their concerns regarding the mayor’s rezoning plan. (Image via City Limits)

More than a year after the City Council passed a rezoning plan for a dozen neighborhoods that would create new apartments, including affordable housing units, the Coalition for Community Advancement in East New York – the first neighborhood to undergo the rezoning process – organized a conference for residents and advocates to get their views on the plan.

City Limits reporter Abigail Savitch-Lew and videographer Marc Bussanich produced videos of conversations with 12 of the attendees.

Some expressed real worry and anger, others optimism, but most struck an inclusive theme: It isn’t that they want to turn back the newcomers to their neighborhood, but rather that they want to figure out a way for everyone who so desires to stay.

Go to City Limits to watch locals discuss homeowner harassment, rising property values, neighborhood changes and keeping some of the culture intact.

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