Filipino Group Rallies Over Sea Dispute

US Pinoys for Good Governance protest by the UN (Screen shot via Balitang America video)

Members of US Pinoys for Good Governance took the occasion of Philippine Independence Day on June 12 to send a message to President Rodrigo Duterte – uphold a ruling by an international tribunal in The Hague in favor of the Philippines in the dispute over the West Philippine Sea (the name given to a part of the South China Sea in 2012 by then President Benigno Aquino). Demonstrators expressed their views to Balitang America:

Consuelo Almontes, a Duterte supporter, shares the president’s sentiments most of the time — except when it comes to the Philippine territorial disputes.

“I want the world to know that the Philippines is not free for all… UN has already approved the Philippines is a sovereign country, and they should stick to this… we are just a small mosquito that can be taken advantage of.”

Go to Balitang America for video coverage of the demonstration.

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